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Looking for an ongoing, neverending PBM game
The Drakensang thread in the above post is this:

"One of the fun things about Drakensang is the weird characters. Just about every conceivable mount imaginable -polar bears wearing armour Giant apes with a frame on the back to carry a fighter on, Giant insects, dragons, and many different kinds of familiar, each with special skills to complement the player's character and skills.

Another cool thing is the dungeons that only one player at a time gets to enter. No idea how they do that. Each narrow range of skill levels has its own private dungeon. The disadvantage of other players being able to enter, for example, the Wild Forest, is that other players launch attacks on the monster you happen to be fighting."
I have a Mac, and the number of games that can be played on a Mac are increasing. Pillars of Eternity, Elder Scrolls Online, Drakensang online, Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft, can all be played on a Mac, as well as on a Microsoft computer or any other software like Linux, Playstation etc. All the above games are video quality. Even though I am retired I only play in Drakensang for about 90 minutes a day.

I am quite sure that there are plenty of players out there but why don't more contribute to this website or even to the magazine, Suspense and Decision, or to the website which is the successor to the gaming magazine Flagship?
Hi everyone,

Long time no talk. I'm surprised this thread is still going.

While I'd prefer a computer-moderated game with a narrative, I realize that maybe that's not the best option. Whether it's a single character or troops I command, I'm fine with it. I just want an entertaining turn report.

Fallen Empires seems pretty cool. Being blind, though, Scribd content appears to be sorely inaccessible, making me unable to read the FE information there.
A narrative turn report for me though, is more than just entertainment. On the limited number of PBMs I've tried recently, I become confused at the various numbers and charts, etc coming at me. That, and the fact that, while I would've settled for nothing but a never ending game in my original post, I am willing to forego that requirement as long as the turn reports are entertaining of some sort. With the stat-based turn reports, I doubt that, with the information provided, I'd be able to submit a creative narrative to the mag, for example. What I would do is take my turn report from, say, FE, and make my own words out of it.
How does Fallen Empires work? Do players get narrative reports for each player, or are these battle reports on the scribd page not player-specific, but backstory stuff?
Another game I was interested in was Abnormals from Madhouse UK, but of course that game stopped a week or so after I found out about it.
From a GM point of view, I can see why these games are dying out, as I find it hard to write a novel. However, I'd possibly be willing to pay for games like Star Troopers from KJC. That game is unsupported now, but making orders in that game turned out to be accessible for me, so that was that. My first turn report with accurate, detailed description of commanding troops was pretty good, and the sample turn of a mission is pretty good for a computer-moderated game.
Well, I'm on a ramble now, but I'm back and following this thread with interest, letting my PBM requirements loosen up a bit. I think the biggest barrior to entry with PBM games and blind players are the maps, hence why I want a game where I send my instructions to a GM and I can use the information provided, in a narrative format in the turn report, to determine my next move.
Sorry for the long post--I have yet to find a PBM game that I can fully invest in, free or paid--it either has accessibility problems, mostly, or inactivity.
Turn-based games are disappearing. The only one I know is Harlequin Games (Legends). Excellent if that's what you like. Mine are all single player games, like Drakensang online or Elder Scrolls online. Drakensang is free, you don't need to pay anything upfront, though you can buy stuff online.
Those aren't even PBM, really. I'll take a look at Legends.
Its always good e-mailing harlequin but use the active GM address:

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