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A few issues of late
Of late, there have been several different issues which, taken collectively, have noticeably impacted my availability with both the site and the magazine.

A disk issue and upgrade issues are impacting me on the computer level. On the personal side of things, a variety of different things are gobbling up huge chunks of my free time. Even though I took last week off, I actually ended up with a net deficit, in terms of progress on the magazine and things PBM-related.

I haven't even accessed my e-mail for several days, now.

I don't have an actual time frame for getting back to what you might call normal. On the personal end, things have actually been far worse for my wife than for myself. One of her relatives broke a bone, and another passed away, both within the past week.

I've also had to reallocate time, in order to deal with repairmen and to go shopping for various appliances that have decided to become defective in rapid succession. I also had to attend a field trip with my son, one day this past week.

Bear with me, if you will, and my PBM and magazine efforts will resume (hopefully) within the next few days. I'll see what I can do about making the publication deadline for Issue # 6.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

- Charles -
Not to worry Grim. Everything you do and when you get to it is well appreciated.
I second that: it is, indeed, appreciated!
Thirded! Everything in its time.

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