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PBM News Blurb: January 28th, 2014
Geek Native
For fans of The Tribes of Crane, Geek Native features a brief article that quotes from a book authored by Neal Tringham titled, "A First Survey – Science Fiction Hobby Games." Andrew Girdwood's article on the Geek Native website can be found here. Neal's book can be found here.

Never Fully Dressed (Without a Smile)
In her article titled, "Letter Writing: Correspondence Chess and Play by Mail Games," blogger Kristian argues that there's "something special about the time and dedication that such Play By Mail Games require."

Just Crunch Games
From the guy who ran the PBM game, Darklands, comes an article that is, unfortunately, far too brief. Paul Baldowski's article is titled, "Twenty Years On."

The article that caught my eye was one that deals with asynchrony. Author Ryan Rigney quotes Georgia Tech professor Ian Bogost, wherein the professor said, "The big thing that asynchrony allows is time.” This article also mentions the roots of asynced games running deep, and points to 19th century nerds playing correspondence chess. The article is titled, "Asynced: Multiplayer Gaming’s New Revolution." A new world order, indeed!

Tina Sieber wrote an article titled, "Play-By-Mail: Play Fun Games via Email Casually," that has a portion on Phoenix: BSE, which is run by KJC Games. The article is a few years old, and it, like most articles that touch on PBM that I encounter, is an exercise in brevity. Nonetheless, the comments section below the article has a little banter about Phoenix: BSE, as well.
What is old becomes new!

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