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How to become a PlayByMail.Net subscriber at no charge
As a reminder to all site users here on the PlayByMail.Net website, all that you have to do in order to obtain subscriber status to this site is to just ask.

Just send me either a PM on-site or an e-mail to: GrimFinger@GrimFinger.Net

There is no charge, whatsoever, to become a subscriber, and becoming a subscriber is what will allow you to receive the free e-mail mailings that the site sends occasionally out.

The primary/most frequent mailing that we send out is for PBM News Blurbs.
Hi Grimfinger,

I just want to say that I appreciate your PBM News Blurbs. I don't have the time to check out all the different forums and websites myself so its good to get an update now and then.

Have a good weekend,


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