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Olympia: The Gae of Gods
we are starting a test game of Olympia: The Age of Gods. Most players will be germans, but the game itself and the rules are in english. If you dont have problems with it, then check out the rules

and sign up:

We have a little scenario with a war of Magicains vs Priests. I guess you can try to translate it with google:

Big Grin
The game start in few hours and host time will be every sunday, 20 hour GMT.

Everyone can join every time...
The game is still running, you can see the actually news here:

If you want to join, take a closer look which side you want. The weaker side will give more bonus from start.
Here you can see a preview of the second game:

And here an example translation of the preview:

"Nation 6: House Dayn

The Dayn of the Nelaeryn forest strive to live in harmony with all living beings. They are said to be privy to the secret tongues of the animals by the grace of teir god Dol who in the legends of old is often known as "The Beastmaster". Their powerful healing potions and ointments are famous all over the Empire and beyond.

The Dayn are organized in large families who are all deemed to be closely related to each other. They live in a matriarchal society and the oldest woman of the Dayn is held in great honour as the Great Mother of all Dayn, the Taanyth.

Because their northern neighbours, the Khaz, often enter the holy forest of the Dayn unbidden and unwelcomed to cut down trees and to haul the sacred wood back into their mountains, the Dayn live in eternal conflict with the Khaz and the imperial archives speak of frequent border skirmishes in those parts. Towards the south, the Nelaeryn forest gives way to vast steppes of the Teogie nomads. In the east both the forest and the realm of the Dayn end at the gates of Byzetria, the ancient city of the Xoca dynasty.

In the very heart of the holy forest lies hidden the capital of the Dayn, Nevasari, seat of the Taanyth, the revered matriarch of the clans. Nevasari is the embodiement of Dayn philosophy and belief and leaves every visitor with the conviction that mother nature itself provides the dwellings for her beloved children, for all the houses are not built with timber or stone but are formed by the living trees of the forest themselves, ever growing and changing. Few outsiders have ever been granted access to this mysterious and ancient city, for the Dayn prefer to keep to their own devices and do not seek business with people other than their own relatives. In recent history they have denied the Teogie nomads' request to aid them in fending off the incursions of the Vellath."

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