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Alamaze Resurgent passes 124 Games Launched
Alamaze, since its resurgence in April, 2013, has now started 124 games.   Come see what you are missing.  You can get to enjoy the best PBEM game, also priced the lowest (about $2.50 a turn and lower), multi Game of the Year Award winner, with the most active player community, for your first month, at $19.95, which will be 7 turns.

We started four games this week in four different formats.  Moving from good looking PDF emailed files to great looking HTML files that process on the hour that turns are due. 

forum is:
Congrats. Not too shabby for a play-by-mail game.

-- Bob
Well, we don't accept snail mail at, but its good to see a bit of life here on Grim's forum.

Now if we just had Grim back....
I am sure Grimm will return when good and ready. He is out there playing games! :-) Think PBM needs to be fun for him again and not just work/pressure!

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