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Legends: Play the Brand New Module: Blood Tides Rising

New to Legends?

Legends is the most in-depth fantasy world character/army-level action turn based PEBM on the market!

Take the Tour.

We've just launched a Brand New Legends Module/Fantasy Game World, so there has never been a better time to start playing Legends if you have never experienced it.

Here are ten great reasons why you should play Blood Tides Rising

1. A Brand New Module
No one has played it before, and so no one can use cross-game information against you. Be among the first to explore!
2. Hundreds of New Adventures
Brand new adventures, with greater depth than any previous Legends module, and which have a real impact on the game.
3. Brave the Unknown
Many modules contain everything there is to know about the world. Not this one! Will you be the first to uncover its many secrets?
4. New Play Styles
Think you know how to win Legends? Think again! New factions mean new styles of play, and that means new ways to achieve victory, or to have it snatched from you. From Merchants to Monsters to Mad God worshippers, each have their own strengths and weaknesses, requiring fresh tactics. Are you up the challenge?
5. Create your Own Religion
Tired of the existing Legends religions? Then create your own, as the Mad God looks to his followers for direction.
6. Monster Madness
Summon Medusa, conjure Cockatrices, and even unleash the Dragons!
7. Become a God
As below, so above. And as the gods war among themselves, the bravest heroes might snatch immortality from their grasp, or even take their place among the pantheon!
8. Mage Priests
Can't decide between the arcane might of a mage, or a priest's miraculous powers? Well, now you don't have to! All starting characters can be skilled in both the priestly and arcane arts, with new items, plots and adventures designed especially for them to discover.
9. All the Support you Need
Unrivalled customer service, up-to-date computer software and active player factions all ensure a hassle-free gaming experience, leaving you free for the important business of annihilating your opponents.
10. Become a God
And did we mention that you can become a god?!

So visit our website today, and download the Blood Tides Rising module for free.
Or, if you have any questions, please get in touch at - we would love to hear from you.
The Blood Tide Rises. Will you Sink or Swim?

Copyright © 2014 Harlequin Games, All rights reserved.
3 GMs and 2 players have formed the core of a Kingdom Eternal faction, come join us!
We have incorporated a lot of player Feedback from Blood Tides Rising 1 (BTR1) into BTR2. This game is about to start, its not too late to join in at the beginning.

Blood Tides Rising 2 starts today! Initial turns just e-mailed out.

Its not too late, you can still sign up here:

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