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Status Update on Flagship Magazine's Editor - Carol Mulholland
A friend of Carol Mulholland, who is the editor of Flagship magazine, wrote to me, today, to inform me about how Carol is doing.

Unfortunately, Carol has had a severe stroke, and is currently still hospitalized. It is my understanding that she has made some progress, but again, the stroke was a severe stroke.

I have asked Carol's friend, Gill, to try and obtain a physical postal mailing address for Carol, to send her a get well card. I have also asked him to find out if it is OK to post that address, once he gets it. If so, I will post it for the sake of others, who may want to write to Carol, as well.
For the foreseeable future, Carol Mulholland's address will be:

Carol Mulholland
The Mead,
Castleford Close,

Send her a card, if you get a chance.
I was very sad to learn that Carol Mulholland had a major stroke and is now in a nursing home. She did a fantastic job as editor of Flagship for many years.

I looked up the care home on the internet and it has a website:
So in addition to sending a card you can send an online message from the above website page that the staff can pass on to anyone there. So hoping she can understand it, I asked the staff to give Carol my best wishes, explaining who I was.
I wrote for Flagship for many years as an avid PBMer in the 80s and much of the 90s. I fell out of touch with the hobby, FS and Carol, and recently have been making tentative steps to return. I'm very, very sorry to hear this has happened and send healing prayers/vibes her way.

Junius "Trey" Stone
Thanks for the update Grimfinger. I do hope she recovers eventually - she is a lovely lady.
"Some sad news - Carol Mulholland, for many years editor and latterly co-woner of Flagship, died recently. Her son Michael says the funeral is tomorrow at - details of simply an address if you'd like to send condolences at Carol was a pillar of the hobby, pursuing the editorship with that mixture of persistence, reliability and mild provocation which mark most good editors. She co-edited it with her husband and was very grieved when he died but kept plugging on until she had a bad stroke which prevented her from communicating thereafter: she's been in a nursing home for several years. I remember her also as a good friend."

- Nick Palmer
This is sad news indeed. I will send my condolences to the email address you provided. PBM has never been been the same since she was editor.
I just found out about this sad news. My heartfelt condolences. A giant in the hobby, even in these days where the hobby is a shadow of what it once was.

Junius "Trey" Stone

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