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The Return of the Mad Scientist of PBM
Recent days have seen Mark Wardell, whom I have long affectionately referred to as the Mad Scientist of PBM, return to the forum, here, replete with several different new postings by him within the confines of this place. Truly, it does my heart good to see him plant the seeds of some new PBM conversations, here. It is long overdue.

Mark contacted me by e-mail, recently, and I actually still owe him a reply to the last of several e-mails that he sent to me. That reply will, hopefully, be forthcoming shortly. It wasn't all that long ago that I started pushing back from the PBM table.

I don't know if they actually qualify as true editorials, but the articles/postings that I deposit in this forum section have always been among my most favorite of PBM-related activities. Just thoughts spilled out onto digital paper, but they have long given me some semblance of purpose.

In truth, I am an older man than I used to be - older, though perhaps not entirely old, just yet. Within me, that dragon of PBM possibilities rages, even still. But even dragons must rest, from time to time. Even dragons slumber.

I no longer venture forth to the PlayByMail Discord. I think it likely that it with perpetuate itself. It seemed resilient enough, the last time that I checked. And if this proves, in time, to be an erroneous assessment, then just cast it atop the pile of Internet PBM relics from an earlier age, that others might perhaps stumble upon it in some future era.

Sometimes, words come easy. Other times, I must pry them from my fingertips. In no instance, however, do I fancy wearing PBM's past around my neck like a cement anchor. My personal preference is that PBM have a very bright future, indeed. There is an abundance of dead wood in PBM gaming, and dead wood has all the makings of a very bright fire, should one dare to ignite it.

I doubt that the Mad Scientist of PBM returned to this place after an extended absence, in the hopes of finding these PBM halls abandoned and deserted. But Fate is what it is, for better or for worse. Perhaps the Mad Scientist needs to tinker in his PBM lab, and bring to life some new PBM creature, that only he can truly envision.

And who better to understand the science of play by mail gaming than the Mad Scientist of PBM?

Welcome back, Mister Wardell! Long have I awaited your return. This PBM prophecy now stands fulfilled.

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