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What is the game style of most interest to you?
I've just been thinking. It looks a bit like the old classic areas have died/diminished somewhat,  so I'm posting to ask quite what WOULD interest or excite people into playing games.

1. First thought tribal game along the old style of Tribes of Crane, where it concentrates along growing tribes, giving a society, forming military training styles and later becoming involved is settlement play

2. Similar to Delenda est,  so, politics, families, religion, playing multiple characters, interacting societies, mass warfare, very much a creation in the medieval world.  Loads of player to player interaction,  role playing.


3. A mix of the two.. go your own way...cities, factions, tribal development, alliances and you get the choice of doing a much more fashioned style, as you see fit.

Any answers? Could be interesting!
1. TribeNet

2. Midgard

I recommend both games. Midgard turn one after a 20-year hiatus should be in the next 10 days.
Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: TribeNetSuperNova, KnightGuildMiddle-earthTakamo, and Wraith.
I like 4X games...those with Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate phases. Even though 4X games are historically space themed, I think many different genres could be successful 4X PBM games. I would really like to play in a post-apocalyptic setting or even a steampunk setting...

I do NOT like games that allow players to buy their way to victory.

I also do NOT like open ended games. Too much tendency to turtle, IMO.

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