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There's been a lot of quiet around here!
There's been a lot of quiet around here, of late. I just wanted to take a moment out to thank everyone who participated in making this possible.

Now, if you've got all of that silence out of your system, how about joining in on the posting end of things? That way, whenever others visit the forum, they will have something new to encounter, which will also better tempt them into participating in the forums with postings and replies of their own.

The compiling of Issue #19 is progressing, albeit a bit slower than I would prefer. PBM gamers are hoarding their memories, it seems.


Help me out, people. Find something within you to say, something to talk about, and especially if it PBM-related. The magazine and the forum feed off of one another. Surely, you're not completely talked out, already?

You can't build the future of play by mail on silence, you know. Just imagine a PBM universe where no one participates. Is that what you want?

Of course not!

Besides, it's not like there's nothing good in the works. We're gonna try organizing a few PBM games, as 2020 approaches ever closer. Energy is building - in the PlayByMail.Net Facebook page, for example. PBM is being talked about a bit more, now. We need YOU to be a catalyst for positive PBM change!

Dare to enter the PBM fray!
I have been busy and stressed. I will resume PBM-related activities later this evening. I've been enjoying all the facebook action...
Howdy! Thank you for approving my membership.
I'm mostly a PbP player, but enjoying taking a peek around here and especially finding out more about Suspense & Decision!
Be well and thanks again!
Nobody ever catches Nuth.
Unseen Servant PbP gaming
I've been on the sidelines for a while but I am now back to playing a couple of different PBEM games in large part due to S&D, which I continued reading even when not playing any actual games.
I hope Grim can get back in the swing of things again and get some more issues out for us.
(02-02-2020, 11:32 PM)Davin Wrote: I hope Grim can get back in the swing of things again and get some more issues out for us.

Yeah, I do to. I say that we fire him. That would teach him a lesson.
If we "fire" him can I pick which cannon we load him into? LOL!

Maybe we just don't pay Grimfinger enough...
Been playing Quest of the Great Jewels for awhile now.  Fun game.

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