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Seeking Grognards for OP 2nd edition campaign
My game needs a devoted 'deep immersion' style player of formidable prowess for a long haul campaign. We are just starting off on Obsidian Portal and have a range of levels: Low Level: 1st to 9th, Mid from 10th to 19th and High from 20th to 30th. Characters are pregens from a stock file but can be modified with negotiation.

Each player in the 'Cadet' game is sand-boxed (in the code sense) and essentially operates solo, sends in game returns in own time and cannot effect other players. There's an open world, sandboxed (in the gaming sense) feel to things where with gold and power, players can build castles and armies/navies for use in defence or conquest. Numerous examples of play are provided in the game documentation. Six DM written novels support the game world and a large wiki forms the foundational knowledge. 

As a DM I'm a 'Worldbuilder' and 'Storyteller' ; I'm hoping to find a creative, keen and literate player who fits the 'Explorer' and 'Character Actor' profiles (as suggested in the Dungeon Master for Dummies book by Bill Slavicsek and Richard Baker) at p. 125 to 131.

The game system in use is 2 / 2.5 Ad&d with a few house rule adjustments and a few custom classes, such as Tunnic Shieldmaiden, Man At Arms and Saeradic Witch.

The game world is my own bespoke creation, though it intersects with 'Official' worlds such as Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk through fixed portals and Spelljammer travel plus hopefully, Planescape.

There's an aged 18+ requirement for the game due to the potential nature of combat descriptions. Ideally, experience of 2nd edition and Grognard status fits the bill. I could most likely handle about four to six players. 

Many Thanks


Our game room URL is here:

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