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Alien Nations
I felt I really should put pen to paper and give ths game a little of the coverage it is worth. Mike Brines is the GM and I've played and 'struggled' with Struggle of Nations whilst enjoying it in the past. I'd heard he had started a new space based version and decided to see if i could rule the Universe!

The beauty of this version is that I had the choice of playing as either a Hive mind (don't need to worry about being popular or feared) or a standard position where you actually need to consder your people.. no brainer for me then! And lo the Betrayers came into being, a genetically created race who had rebelled and conquered their masters.

So far, I've seen wonderous new worlds, crazy alien spaceships who either try to destroy everything or simply disappear, the rise of horrific plagues, crazed energy imbued nobodies who want to be Emperor and interplanetary war.

Its a weekly game where you can do what you wish within the game mechanics, creating spaceships, researching new technology, waging war, peace or trade, exploring the unknown galaxies whilst preparing for treachery at every step. There aren't many games out there that still hold the desire to see your turn pop up on email but this is certainly one and at circa 5 australian dollars a turn its very good value.

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