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PBM Probe: Balkania - GrimFinger - 07-01-2012

Back in August of 2011, Kevin Flynn posted some material to Google Sites pertaining to something called Balkania, which is apparently based upon the El Mythico II Gaming System.

Responsible for development of Balkania are Paul Shields, Ed Savaris, Graham Rawlins and Kevin Flynn, with special thanks going to Bob Morris of Mercury Games and Laurent Potet of Finoldin Games.

RE: PBM Probe: Balkania - john_tindall - 07-02-2012

El Mythico was a great game - ahead of it's time in many respects. Thanks for letting us know.

Regrettably, I can't find anything on any of the links to register or even give Kevin a heads-up of an offer to help.

Any suggestions?

Hello Kevin?

RE: PBM Probe: Balkania - BobMcLain - 07-02-2012

Kevin Flynn:

RE: PBM Probe: Balkania - GrimFinger - 07-17-2016

Kevin's site: