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Full Version: Super heroic PBEM, Science City
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Well it's been going on a few months now so it's not exactly new, but I am always on the hunt for new players:

Welcome  to Science City, the most incredible metropolis on Earth. Here mad scientists do battle with sorcerers; pterodactyls vie for airspace with flying cars. It's survived aliens dropping rocks on it and  extra-dimensional invasions. The town’s been torn apart and stitched back together again and who knows what is coming next? If you can make it as a super hero here, you  can make it anywhere.

You just wouldn't want to.

It's Science City, it’s 2034, weird is the new normal and the populace wouldn’t want it any other way.

Science City is rated 2-2-2, or PG-13 if you don’t know what the three numbers mean. Our Discord server is here, please feel free to stop by and say "hello!".