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Full Version: PDF Turnsheets / Found a new stash of old art from way back
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Even with dot matrix printers 25 years ago we always tried to make our turns more presentable for players, so they weren't just a computer printout - With PDFs The Isles is able to give pretty good quality turnsheets these days, and I've found a stash of more artwork so we can vary even more what we can put on them - Its all eye-candy, but it looks nice.

BTW - Does anyone struggle to see these PDFs? An ex-player gave the reason for not playing after his short few turns in the game as being that he didn't like PDFs because they always looked funny when viewing on his PC
The pdf above looked fine. It's A4 formatted, correct?
(03-31-2021, 02:30 PM)RktSci Wrote: [ -> ]The pdf above looked fine. It's A4 formatted, correct?

Yes, A4 :-)
Part of it gets cut off, when I print it out on my end, but it's due to A4 as your choice of size parameter.

Specifically, none of the text gets cut off, just the little decorative border image as the lower left and bottom left.
TBH they're not intended to be printed out to any page size - even at A4 they'd be outside the print areas of most printer - The query was whether they display OK when people open the .pdf file.
So, you don't want or expect players to print out what you send to them?
(04-03-2021, 04:31 AM)GrimFinger Wrote: [ -> ]So, you don't want or expect players to print out what you send to them?

Players can do what they like with the turns tbh  Cool  They're formatted for PDF so have very small margins etc which means a standard printer would probably be unable to print both edges and also the top and bottom headers if they attempted to print A4. I provide printed turns (done on a colour laser printer) to some UK players which they get through Royal Mail - they look amazing compared to how they looked in the 80s/90s but obviously there's a cost so players wanting printed / posted turns pay turn fees processed through our Limited Company