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Full Version: Website Hosting Suggestions?
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I'm looking to setup a small, single-page front end for The Isles - mainly a place where people can see an advert, a few sample turns and click a link to access a Dropbox containing game materials for people to download The Game Guide, Startup Materials and the Newsletter

Does anyone have suggestions for a hosting company? I don't intend spending more than a few $/£ but would like a hosting co with a simple interface to use and no adverts

I use HawkHost.

I'm not sure what kind of an interface that you are after. What do you consider to be a simple interface?
Netlify has free plans if you want to just drop a folder or deploy from version control.
If you want, Roy, I can host your files on my web hosting account. Do you have a dedicated domain name?
(03-26-2021, 04:23 AM)GrimFinger Wrote: [ -> ]If you want, Roy, I can host your files on my web hosting account. Do you have a dedicated domain name?

I'm looking for a branded front-end tbh - I have a webhosting account for the limited company I run as a hobby with my wife if I just needed to host the files - what I'm after is a web host which has a simple interface for building a single page front end with our logo, a short description and news section and links to where the files are located on our companys Dropbox account. I just don't want to pay the £8/month that a lot of companys are charging if I can find one that charges less for a more limited product
I'm pretty sure that HawkHost offers options along that line.

Shared web hosting is only $2.99 a month. they did have site builder software, and they offered Weebly, if memory serves me correctly. Most web hosting companies offer similar things, these days, I'm pretty sure. Are you after a particular type of software?
I shall have a look at HawkHost thanks :-) I used to use Dreamweaver back in the day but life's too short to be messing with that stuff.